MJ Global Compliance Health Law SPIFF
MJ Global Compliance Certificate
Prepare for the CCEP-I exam: Health Law, Corporate Law.
James Diehm
A Former United States Attorney for the District of the Virgin Islands, Professor James Diehm uses his practical experience to prepare students to be lawyers.
Study Abroad 2014
STUDY LAW ABROAD NEW 2-Week Course Formats!
Paralegal/LNC Programs
Fall semester begins August 25. Apply for free today!
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Criminal law professor takes lessons from pro bono win back to class with him
Jules Epstein’s client maintained his innocence, now he is free
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Widener Law celebrates national recognition for Delaware Supreme Court Justice and Adjunct Professor Randy J. Holland
Washington event also fetes Adjunct Professor Ryan Cicoski ‘10.
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Widener Law Announces Information Sessions
Widener Law's Admissions Office will host information sessions in both Delaware and Harrisburg on October 25th and January 10th.
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Widener Law Offers LSAT Practice Exams in Delaware and Harrisburg
Practice exams scheduled for September 13th and November 14th.
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