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Widener Law Timeline, Photos 1971 - 2005

Powerpoint logo 30th Anniversary Widener Law Timeline Slideshow - Over 100 Images from 1975 to 2005! This is a full Zipped version of the Powerpoint presentation that was shown at the Gala event on October 7, 2005 at the National Constitution Center. You will need a decompression utility to unzip the file and Powerpoint Viewer 2003 view the file. Both are free downloads.

Warning: this is a fairly large download. The best way to access a large file is to: right-click on the link, select 'save target as' (in Microsoft IE)/ 'save link target as' (in Netscape) from the menu, and save to your PC before opening. Macintosh users, click on the link, hold mouse down and choose 'download link to disk' from the menu.

Download the 30th Anniversary Widener Law Timeline Slideshow
MS Powerpoint Format - Zipped
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