Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic (Delaware and Harrisburg)
If you’re interested in defending the environment, the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic offers you the perfect outlet. The clinic provides valuable, functional experience in civil litigation and representation that will prepare you for a rewarding career in environmental law or other areas of the law.

You will work with the Clinic Director and other attorneys to represent not-for-profit organizations and individuals who seek to protect the environment. You may litigate cases involving violations of environmental laws such as the Federal Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. You may pursue appeals and administrative proceedings under state and local laws, draft public comments, empower citizens to represent themselves, and negotiate agreements while learning and practicing the legal skills that will help you succeed after graduation.

In close consultation with Professor Ken Kristl you will discuss and prepare case strategies as well and draft pleadings, motions, legal analyses, and agreements. You also may have opportunities to appear in courts throughout the Mid-Atlantic region on behalf of clients. If you have a passion for law and the environment, the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic will give you the experience you need to start a rewarding career.

To find out even more about the clinic, visit the Environmental Law Clinic section of the Environmental Law Center's website, especially the For Students and Video Testimonials pages.

Contact Information
Professor Kenneth Kristl
Phone: 302-477-2053
Email: ktkristl@widener.edu

Clinic Secretary: Debbie Dantinne
Phone: 302-477-2182