PSLawNet, NALP's PUBLIC SERVICE LAW NETWORK WORLDWIDE, serves over 150 law schools and over 12,000 public service organizations. It is the nation's largest on-line resource for public interest opportunities. PSLawNet is a wonderful resource in helping students find pro bono and public service opportunities.

pirc_psalwnet_logoPSLawNet adapts a broad definition of public service to include working with government agencies, the public sector or non profit organizations, the courts, and private law firms with public interest practices. PSLawNet lists full-time as well as summer public interest positions.

If you are looking for an internship, fellowship, or paid attorney positions, visit Once at the website, you can search for opportunities that are best suited for you as an individual based on geography, area of public interest practice, and/or type of position. You may also register to receive emails containing job announcements in your designated areas of interest. Some of the categories you can search include:

  1. Attorney: Requires law degree, appearance in court, or admission to a bar
  2. Law related positions: Includes legal writers, researchers, policy analysts, legislative aides, etc. Some positions may not require a law degree
  3. Fellowships: Perform legal work at a host organization for a period of time. Our database includes legal, law-related and non-legal fellowships.
  4. Public Service Internships: These can be paid or unpaid. Involves students assisting public service organizations in a variety of ways.

Through its online database, PSLawNet provides a comprehensive clearinghouse of public interest opportunities.

PSLawNet usually operates solely through Law School affiliations. All students and alumni of member schools have full access to PSLawNet resources. Contact Widener's PSLawNet Director, Karen Durkin, if you have any questions:
Karen Durkin
Widener Law

Use PSLawNet to help you find information about public interest internships, fellowships, and jobs.

How to Register
It's easy to register for this service.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Sign Up Now".
  3. Enter your e-mail address.
  4. Create a password.
  5. Select "Student" under User Type.
  6. Select "Widener" as your law school.
  7. Click "submit" and follow prompts to create your user profile.

You can now search PSLawNet's comprehensive database for public interest opportunities nationwide.