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Jules Epstein, Director
Phone: 302-477-2031

ITAP is designed to give you a realistic experience that includes the responsibilities and pressures placed on practicing attorneys.


  1. Pick up THE ADVOCACY MANUAL, 4th floor, from Patti Burns.
  2. Attend each daily session on time.
  3. Perform as an attorney and as a witness in civil or criminal trials.

Important: If you fail to attend or fail to adequately prepare to perform, you will fail the course unless you have an explanation which would be acceptable in a trial court.

ITAP 2014 Schedule
Students can find the 2014 Schedule on the ITAP course TWEN page.

About the Trials
If you wish to be paired with another student for the trials, or wish to perform a certain type of trial, or both, please complete a Trial Pairings Form and place in Professor Epstein's mailbox by the deadline time and day. After that date, pairings and assignments will be randomly made. Assignment requests will be honored on a first-come basis; once a civil or criminal docket is filled, no other assignment request can be honored. Once the pairings and assignments are made, no changes will be made absent extraordinary circumstances.

Please speak with Professor Epstein if you have any questions or require any special arrangements.

Downloads for ITAP Students

Materials are available on the ITAP TWEN course page