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International Environmental Law and Trade (Kelly)
This course examines the different philosophical premises and legal structures of these two intersecting areas of international law. We study the emerging international environmental legal regimes to alleviate the global problems of vanishing biodiversity, greenhouse gases, and the ozone layer, as well as institutions to promote economic development. Guest lectures on Kenyan wildlife conservation policies and ways to balance conservation with economic development will be coordinated with visits to game parks to see these policies in action. (2 credits)

Comparative Family Law (Fruth & Staff).
The course will compare contemporary legal issues facing families in both the U.S. and emerging nations. The course will examine the legal rights of women in a variety of settings and their impact. (2 credits)

Comparative Constitutional Law (Staff)
This course will primarily focus on the comparative method; separation of powers; creating and changing constitutions; pluralism and democracy and the constitutional issues related to the positive (welfare) State. Examples will come from a variety of countries including the United States and Kenya. (2 credits)