Harrisburg Scholarships
Harrisburg Donor Scholarships for Academic Year 2014/15

All completed applications must be returned to the financial aid office by March 24, 2014. To be considered for "need based" scholarships, students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at http://fafsa.ed.gov

Note: Scholarship forms offered on this page for download are offered in PDF format.

pdf icon***NEW FOR 2014/2015 - The Linda L Ammons Diversity Scholarship (.pdf)
Awarded to a JD student at the Harrisburg Campus who is a member of a minority group that is underrepresented in the legal profession. Applicant must display the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service to school or community and demonstrate financial need. Application deadline: October 15, 2014

Dean Alfred Avins Memorial Scholarship
The Dean Alfred Avins Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a rising third year RD or ED student from each campus with the highest combined GPA in Constitutional Law I & II. No Application needed.

pdf iconThe Bank of America Scholarship (.pdf)
Awarded annually to an economically disadvantaged resident of Wilmington, Delaware. If a student cannot be identified who is a resident of Wilmington, the scholarship may be awarded to an economically disadvantaged student from the state of Delaware.

pdf iconGeorge C. Blissman Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to a Harrisburg campus law student specializing or having an interest in the field of tax law..

pdf iconE. Wallace Chadwick Scholarships (.pdf)
Available to 2RD, 3RD, 2ED, 3ED and 4ED students. Awards are made to students who grew up in and maintain a substantial connection to Delaware County, Pennsylvania and have participated in community service.

pdf iconThe Delaware Association Of Lawyers' Spouses Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to 2RD, 2ED, 3RD, 3ED and 4ED students. Selection is based on an overall GPA equal to or greater than a 2.3 and a demonstrated contribution of law-related service to the Delaware community.

pdf iconEdmund Dobrowolski Memorial Scholarship (.pdf)
Awarded to a Harrisburg campus student entering his or her 2nd year that has demonstrated a commitment to public service and has financial need..

pdf iconHoward And Nancy Finkelman Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to MARRIED 2ED, 3ED and 4ED students. Selection based on financial need, an overall GPA of above a 2.0-3.0. You must have successfully completed Evidence and at least one elective in Trial Advocacy.

pdf iconThe Honorable Ned L. Hirsh Memorial Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to 2ED, 3ED or 4ED students. Selection based on financial need, an overall cumulative GPA of above 2.0, and an interest in pursuing a career in Civil Litigation.

pdf iconFairfax Leary, Jr. Memorial Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to 3RD or 4ED students with a demonstrated interest in Commercial Law. Selection is based on demonstration of interest in the areas of commercial law, commercial transactions or banking, and an overall GPA of 2.5.

pdf iconPaul Isaac Leiter Memorial Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to extended division students. Selection based on demonstrated financial need and ability to perform in law school program.

pdf iconThe Thomas Lodge Memorial Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to 2RD or 2ED student who has demonstrated commitment to the delivery of public interest legal services as demonstrated through community activities and employment prior to and during law school.

pdf iconThe James J. McEldrew Scholarship (.pdf)
This scholarship will be awarded annually to a JD student who is or has served in the U.S. Navy and / or U.S. Marines. Applicants may be a in the Regular or Extended Division entering their second, third or fourth year at the Delaware or Harrisburg campus and must be a current or honorably discharged member of the Navy or Marines. Applicants must also have a cumulative grade point average of 2.8+.

pdf iconCharles P. Mirarchi, Sr. Memorial Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to extended division students in good standing, perceived meritorious and exhibiting those special qualities which enable the student to work full-time while attending law school.

The Bruce M. & Elizabeth M. Monroe Intellectual Property Scholarship
Awarded to a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year student who has demonstrated academic achievement in the following courses: Copyrights, Patent Law, Patent Practice and Unfair Trade Practices or similar future course offerings in intellectual property. No Application needed.

pdf iconDean Anthony Santoro Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to 3RD or 4ED students. Selection based on high scholastic standing and demonstrated superior leadership abilities.

pdf iconWilliam I. Schaffer Memorial Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to students about to enter the 3RD or 4ED program. This award is made in recognition of scholastic achievement and is to be used to assist a student who is completing his/her entire legal education at Widener Law School.

pdf iconJohn Warrington Memorial Scholarship (.pdf)
Available to a student who demonstrates financial need and who is fully matriculated.