Asian Pacific American Law Student Association
The Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) is dedicated to providing a social and professional outlet for law students who are interested in the legal issues surrounding Asians, as well as other cultures, languages, and ethnicities.

Our mission includes:
  • To provide a social and professional outlet for all law students interested in legal issues surrounding Asians as well as various cultures, languages, and ethnicities;
  • To increase awareness by inspiring a need for deeper understanding of political, cultural, historic, and legal roles of Asian-Americans;
  • To serve as a forum to discuss the cultural concerns of Asian-Americans working in the American legal profession;
  • To establish a local and national network of exchange among Asian-American law students and attorneys; and
  • To become involved with and participate in local and national chapters and organizations.
We continue to work with other campus organizations within the law school as well as other law schools to help promote ideas for diversity. APALSA also takes the lead in the school's Diversity Week events to promote and discuss diversity issues within the legal community.

APALSA is open to all students. For more information please contact us at

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Elizabeth de Berardinis

Vice President
A.J. Viray

Kim Tan

Sharon Kim

Faculty Advisor