Phi Delta Phi
Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity, established in 1869 to promote a higher standard of professional ethics, is among the oldest of legal organizations in North America. The Fraternity was established only six months after the Columbus, Ohio Bar Association and nine years before the American Bar Association. The Fraternity holds a unique position in the history of the North American bench, bar, and law schools. During the past twenty years, Phi Delta Phi's prestige has spread to Europe.

Phi Delta Phi has one hundred and thirty-one active chapters (known as Inns) in the Western Hemisphere and that number increases yearly. As a legal fraternity, our membership is restricted to law students and legal practitioners.

The Widener Law Delaware Campus chapter, known as the Harrington Inn, is dedicated to upholding the values of Phi Delta Phi through uniting students and giving back to the community.

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Elizabeth August

Vice President (Vice Magister)
Erik Henkel

Erik Henkel

Scott Frame

Samantha Ryan

Faculty AdvisorĀ 
Leslie Johnson