Criminal Law Society
The mission of the Criminal Law Society is to enjoin students of Widener Law that are interested in criminal law and to further their interests by presenting monthly speakers and other activities to continue their education in regards to the area of criminal law.

We help our members find internships and jobs within the criminal law field and encourage them to participate with the other members of the society in furthering our cause of educating ourselves and the community.

We are also driven to help those affected by domestic violence. Annually, the Criminal Law Society will hold a teddy bear drive to benefit the women and children at the Greater Harrisburg YWCA.

Our main mission is to educate our members on the growing advances within the criminal law field, to help with employment opportunities during and after their educational period at Widener and, finally, to present an open forum for our members to discuss and challenge themselves with their knowledge and understanding of the field of criminal law.