Interscholastic Competitions
General Information

Each semester, students from Widener University School of Law - Wilmington compete in trial competitions throughout the nation. In the past, such competitions have included:
  • Lonestar Classic National Mock Trial Tournament, St. Mary's School of Law, San Antonio, Texas
  • Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law National Trial Advocacy Competition, East Lansing, Michigan
  • Texas Young Lawyers Association National Trial Competition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • ATLA Student Trial Advocacy Competition, Washington D.C.
  • Academy of Trial Lawyers of Allegheny County Gourley Moot Court Competition, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Interscholastic trial competitions require students to prepare and conduct a trial problem under court-like conditions. Faculty members serve as team advisors and answer questions that the students may have, but all trial preparation is conducted by student teams.

Format for selection 

Students wishing to compete interscholastically must register for the "Interscholastic Trial Colloquium," a one-credit course held for the first seven (7) Saturdays of the semester. Only those students who successfully complete this course may be selected for interscholastic competition. 

While membership in the Moe Levine Trial Advocacy Honor Society is not a prerequisite for enrollment in the “Interscholastic Competition Colloquium,” it is highly recommended. Preparation for trial competitions involves hard-work, dedication, and discipline, only those students who demonstrate those skills are selected to compete.

Students should also note that Evidence is a pre-requisite for the “Interscholastic Trial Competition.” Only those students who have successfully completed Evidence will be allowed to register.

Contact Information

Professor Jules Epstein
Moe Levine Trial Advocacy Honor Society Advisor
(302) 477-2031