First Year Students
Second Year Students
First Year Students
Guided Study Groups: All first-year students are assigned to a study group. The groups meet several times throughout the first and second semesters to discuss topics such as preparing for class, outlining, writing essay exam answers, and taking multiple-choice exams. Discussions are set within the context of a specific course, and students receive guidance from professors and upper-level students.

Academic Support Fellows: Mentoring and tutoring is available from upper-level students in the top twenty-five percent of the class. Academic Support Fellows hold regular office hours throughout the school year and are available to meet with students at other mutually-convenient times.

Heads-Up Course: Students who may require additional support transitioning to law study are invited to attend a five-week, non-credit course offered in the first semester. This course is designed to assist students in preparing for their first set of law school exams.

Intensive Legal Analysis (ILA) Course: This two-credit course is required in the second semester for all students on academic probation after their first semester of studies. Students refine their legal reasoning and analytical skills through projects and practice exams.