Becoming a Mentor
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The Career Development Office is pleased to invite you to join the Widener Law Alumni Network Mentoring Program. (Sign up using our Mentor Program Online Registration Form.) The Program pairs first-year students with qualified, experienced alumni like you for a short, informal mentorship to introduce new law students to the legal profession. The Program's primary goal is to initiate mentoring relationships between Widener alumni and first year law students. During its life, the Program has helped to instill professionalism, expose students to law practice, and allow students to begin to develop a professional network early in their legal careers.

Program guidelines are simple and requirements minimal. Mentors and proteges are matched based on common professional interests and other factors, such as practice preference and geographic region. Pairs should have at least three contacts during the academic year. Mentors and proteges may agree to have more contacts. The first contact may be our exciting October "Kick-Off" event. We hope that mentoring relationships will continue beyond the student's first year.

As a mentor, you can share informal advice on a wide range of topics including law school, legal practice areas, ethical issues, and the role of lawyers and judges in the profession. The Program provides you with an excellent opportunity to help shape the future of the profession, strengthen the "Widener Network," and make a positive difference in the development of a future colleague. Many mentors report benefits to themselves as well. Mentors may find their own appreciation for the legal profession renewed through exposure to the excitement and idealism of a first-year law student.

The only requirements for a mentor are membership in any state's bar and two years of experience. Participation is voluntary.

Thank you for considering membership in the Widener Alumni Network Mentoring Program.