2014 Welcome
To: All 2014 / 2015 School of Law Students    
From:  Kevin J. Raport, Chief of Campus Safety  
Subject: Welcome Message to 2014-2015 Students          

I welcome all of you to our campus. I sincerely hope your time at Widener is both productive and enjoyable. Please review the following:

Safety is a shared responsibility
To continue to maintain a safe environment, we need the assistance of the entire Widener community. I encourage all of you to report anything that you may consider suspicious. Please visit the Campus Safety website for information on our Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report, services, safety and security policies, and The Campus Alert System. Sign up for the Campus Alert System via Campus Cruiser.

Physical security of your car and personal property
Please keep your car locked at all times. I also ask that you not leave bags and personal items unattended in public places. Please secure any valuable personal items in the trunk of your car.

Campus Courtesy Phones
Campus phones are located in our buildings. Please acquaint yourself with the location of these phones and call x 3948 or 717-541-3948 if you require our assistance.

Please ensure that you have a valid parking permit for your vehicle. Vehicles without proper permits will be ticketed. I ask that you drive slowly through our lots as there is always pedestrian traffic throughout our campus. I also request that you park only in authorized parking spots, (that means between two yellow lines, or two blue lines with proper handicap tag or decal). Please do not move cones or other markings that our Officers use to designate reserved or special events parking locations.

Notification of Police

Please call us prior to or immediately after calling 911. Please call us if you wish to speak to the local police for any reason.  
Here to Help
The Campus Safety Department is here to assist you. Please do not hesitate to ask. We can assist with directions, escorts and information, medical emergencies, or if you wish to report a crime. We hope all of you have a good experience at Widener and wish you the best of luck.