Patti Burns September 2008
de burns090808Patti began her tenure at Widener as the secretary in the Business & Administration Department five years ago and most recently has served as a faculty secretary on the fourth floor.

Patti is always willing to lend a very capable hand with any project. She is very professional and can be depended on to “get the job done” to the best of her abilities. She works tirelessly in support of her faculty and is very conscientious and efficient. Each year, the success of the ITAP program is largely due to the high level of administrative support Patti provides.

Patti enthusiastically greets all constituents of the law school with a warm smile and always wants to know “how she can help”.

Patti is a loving wife, mother, and daughter. She happily devotes some of her free time to her hobby of cross-stitching and then presents these beautiful gifts to her family, friends, and co-workers.