Vanessa Gosa February 2008
gosa0308awardDEVanessa Gosa is the office administrator for all of the clinics and the paralegal for the Pennsylvania Civil Law Clinic and the Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Clinic. Vanessa has been at Widener for 23 years and was here when the Pennsylvania Civil Law Clinic was started by Prof. Fran Catania. With a warm smile and infectious laugh, Vanessa is a consummate professional. Clinic alumni who return to campus always ask if Vanessa is still here. Vanessa is a great role model for the students in the clinics. Thanks to Vanessa, clinic students have a perfect barometer for measuring the way administrative staff and support staff should organize a law office and how they should serve clients. Prof. Nichols aptly describes her as the heart and soul of the clinic.

Vanessa is also a Widener alumna. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degree from Widener. And her daughter, Tiffany, earned her bachelor’s from Widener in 2006.

In her spare time Vanessa has ALWAYS worked a second job. She’s like the Energizer Bunny in that regard. Despite working two jobs, she always finds time to help her family. She is the backbone of her immediate and her extended family. She can always be counted on to lend a helping hand. Vanessa truly embodies Widener’s spirit of service. If you want someone to reach farther and go higher for others, call on Vanessa Gosa.