Professor Family to Present “Immigration Reform in the United States and in the United Kingdom”
Web Editor - Published: February 17, 2013
FamilyLondon500pxOn Tuesday, February 19th at noon in the Pit on Widener Law’s Harrisburg Campus, Associate Professor Jill E. Family will present "Immigration Reform in the United States and in the United Kingdom" as part of the Pizza and Policy in the Pit series.

Immigration reform continues to be a topic of particular political interest, but it is not an issue exclusive to the United States. Professor Family, whose research focuses on immigration law and administrative law, has been working on a comparative study of the immigration court systems of the United States and the United Kingdom. During the spring of 2012, Professor Family was a Visiting Scholar at Queen Mary School of Law in London, England, where she researched the immigration adjudication system in the United Kingdom.

Professor Family’s talk will look at current immigration policy in both the United States and the United Kingdom as well as what makes immigration policy controversial. She will also discuss what aspects of immigration policy need to be reformed and why.

Pizza and beverages will be provided, and students and faculty are encouraged to attend.