Technology Team
Team Leaders

Janet Lindenmuth. Phone: 302-477-2245. Email:
Harrisburg: Steph Engerer. Phone: 717-541-3953. Email:

Team Mission:
The technology team is charged with assisting and promoting the use of technology in an effort to support the educational and research mission of the law school.

Team Charges:
  • Promote the use of available technological resources.
  • Serve as liaison to A/V, ITS, and Web Development staff on the law school campuses
  • BePress, SSRN, and Faculty Publications
  • Statistical reports
  • Assisting other teams in the creation and implementation of technology-based services
  • Informing the community about new trends and innovations in technology that can support the work of the law school.
  • Offering instruction in the use of technology to the community.
  • Supporting communication and outreach efforts through the use of the web, distance learning, social networking, and other technology.

How do I . . .?

  • How do I get help with classroom technology?
  • How do I get something posted on the web page?
  • How do I get something posted on SSRN or BePress?
  • How do I update my faculty bio page?
    • Contact Web Development at x2295 or email the Web Editor, Nathan Garrison, at x2295 or
  • How do I get something posted on the informational televisions?
  • How does a faculty member get classroom material photocopied?