Delaware Corporation Law Revision Committee

In 1963, the Delaware General Assembly authorized the formation of a committee to revise the Delaware General Corporation Law. This committee began work in 1964 and by 1967 had completed the new Delaware General Corporation Law, which was passed on July 3, 1967. (56 Del. Laws. 50)  [PDF 7.5 MB])

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pdf icon Minutes of the Delaware Corporation Law Revision Committee (4 MB)

pdf icon Memos, letters and other documents of the Delaware Corporation Law Revision Committee (14 MB)

The Committee retained Ernest Folk, professor at the University of Virginia, to write a study of the current Delaware General Corporation Law and make recommendations for its amendment. Due to the large size of the study we have divided it into four parts. The original document was not divided into parts. The table of contents and the page numbers indicated for each of the four parts may help you narrow your search or locate the material you wish to examine.

pdf icon Folk Report part 1 (Table of Contents-p. 109) (8 MB)

pdf iconFolk Report part 2 (pp. 110-195-F) (5 MB)

pdf iconFolk Report part 3 (pp. 196-369) (13 MB)

pdf iconFolk Report part 4 (Close Corporation Annex) (6 MB)