Federal Resources
deposicn United States Government Information
The Legal Information Centers on the Wilmington, Delaware, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, campuses participate in the Federal Depository Library Program.

For research help see our United States Government Documents and Government Information Research Guide.

Contact Information

In Delaware:
call the reference desk: 302-477-2114
Widener University School of Law
4601 Concord Pike
Post Office Box 7475
Wilmington, Delaware 19803-0475

In Harrisburg:
email: Edmund Sonnenberg
Reference/ Government Documents Librarian
Widener University School of Law
3800 Vartan Way
Post Office Box 69380
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17106-9380

Both of the Centers are selective depositories for United States government documents, Wilmington since 1976 and Harrisburg since 1989. Core documents in the collection are the laws of the United States, Congressional publications, decisions of the Judiciary, and regulations issued by federal agencies. Because the study of law touches on all aspects of life, other agency publications are considered for inclusion in the collection as well.

The Legal Information Center integrates government documents into the main body of its collection. Documents are cataloged according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification scheme and shelved in LC order with other materials that the library selects, and are searchable via the library's public access catalog. Government documents that have not been converted to LC classification are shelved in designated government document areas of the Legal Information Centers, such as microform cabinets.

The Legal Information Center provides links to government documents that have been selected and that are also available on the Internet via its online catalog.