Outstanding Delaware Students Honored
Web Editor - Published: May 17, 2008

student d awards 08“When you look at the accomplishments of the students in this room, it is clear Widener is on the move,” said President Harris to those assembled to honor outstanding students at the Delaware Student Awards Ceremony. The ceremony began with a welcome from acting Dean of Students Patrick Johnston. He introduced Dean Linda Ammons, who noted in her remarks that "Academic excellence is at the core of this institution," before turning the program back over to Dean Johnston.

Dean Ammons presented the Dean’s award, which is given to a student who demonstrated outstanding legal aptitude, exemplary service, significant leadership skills, and the potential to become an outstanding member of the legal community, to Gabriela N. Arce de Smith. A graduate of California State University-Bakersfield, Gabriela came to Widener Law in 2005 after working in Camden, NJ, as a Manager for Platform Learning, Inc. She has been on the Dean’s List every semester, served as Vice President of the Association of Latin American and Hispanic Students for two years, served on the senior staff of the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, and volunteered as the student coordinator of the Pro Bono Partnership Program for the Public Interest Research Center this past year.

President Harris gave the President’s Award to Bonnie E. Copeland. The President’s Award is presented to a student entering his or her final year of law school who in the opinion of the President of Widener University possesses high potential for meaningful contributions to the law school, the community, and the profession. An extended division student, Bonnie has achieved Dean’s Honors each semester since beginning law school and is a member of the Moe Levine Trial Advocacy Honor Society. A mother of two, she has volunteered her time to organizations such as the Board of Girls, Inc., of Delaware and the Fund for Women, and has held various managerial positions in Delaware State Senate and Representative races over the past six years.

See a complete listing of the awards below.

Award Recipients

The Chadwick Constitutional Education Fellowship: Megan F. Doll and Charity Wilt
The Domestic Violence Research and Advocacy Fellowship: Jennifer N. Bergin
The DuPont Diversity Initiative Fellowship: Troy A. Riddle
The DuPont Public Interest Fellowships: Kate M. Albert and Jennifer A. Pesavento
The Wolcott Fellowships: Joan Alice Burn, Tamika Crawl-Bey, Nicole M. Faries, Danielle K. Kuzminski, and Tracy L. Warga.
The Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor Public Interest Fellowship: John A. Kirk

Alfred Avins Memorial Scholarship: Janine L. Hochberg
Bank of America Scholarship: Errol Carvalho
The Howard Berg Scholarship: Danielle K. Kuzminski
The E. Wallace Chadwick Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer N. Bergin and Melissa L. Miller
The Harvey Alan Chernoff Memorial Scholarship: Joseph E. McNamara
The Esther F. Clark Memorial Scholarship: Christofer K. Bates
The Honorable Joseph W. deFuria Scholarship: Brian D. Tome
Delaware Association of Lawyers’ Spouses’ Scholarship: Lindsay A Feltzin
The Honorable William Duffy Memorial Scholarship: Dana D. Griffin
The Honey F. Golby Memorial Scholarship: Justin R. Alberto
The Fairfax Leary, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Tracy L. Warga
The Paul Isaac Leiter Memorial Scholarship: Christine M. Marinakis
The Thomas S. Lodge Memorial Scholarship: MacGregor J. Brillhart
The Bruce M. and Elizabeth M. Monroe Endowed Scholarship: Thomas W. Dekleva and Hanxing Zheng
The Angelina and Victor Piccone Memorial Scholarship: Terence J. Lynch
The Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Scholarship: Kevin M. McDermott
The Taishoff Family Endowed Scholarship: Brett T. Norton
The John C. Warrington Memorial Scholarship: Richard E. Remson

Achievement Awards
The Honorable Helen S. Balick Award: Aimee C. Bowers
The Howard M. Berg Award: Janine L. Hochberg
The William J. Conner Memorial Award for Administrative Law: Gabriela N. Arce de Smith
The Nicole Cullison Memorial Award: Heather N. Stephens
The Honorable Joseph W. deFuria Award: Danielle K. Kuzminski
The Judge J. Cullen Ganey Criminal Procedure Award: Janine L. Hochberg
The Graham Foundation Award: Thomas K Tessmer
The Reed Hamilton Memorial Award: Jason E. Kiracofe
The Zelda K. Herrmann Memorial Cup Award: Lindsay A. Feltzin
The Patricia N. Holston Memorial Award for Public Interest Pro Bono Service: Jennifer Pesavento
International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award: Anita M. Seth
Lindsay Law Library Award: Katherine J. Begor and Michael B. Schloss
The Thomas P. Lomax and Nicholas Theodore Memorial Award: Uzma M. Siddiqui
The Most Promising Civil Litigator Award: Leslie J. Starling
The Lucinda Peipher Memorial Award: Vanitha Pandi
The Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association James J. Manderino Award for Trial Advocacy: Kyle G. Everly
The Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Memorial Award: Christofer K. Bates
The Jerry Shields Environmental Award: Sandra A. Snyder
The Wapner, Newman Wigrizer & Brecher Award: Isha M. Mehta
The Dean Arthur A Weeks Outstanding Service Award: Sean H. McCray
The Widener Law Public Service and Advocacy Award: Anita M. Seth
The William J. and Ella C. Wolf Award: Michael J. Viscuso
The Chuck Zencey Memorial Award for Environmental Law: Elayne Ben-Bassat

Outstanding Service Awards: Matthew R. Altomare, Tamika A. Crawl-Bey, Kyle G. Everly, Lindsay A. Feltzin, Deanne Camara Ferreira, Andrei N. Govorov, Dana D. Griffin, Devon E. Hauck, Robert L. Hawkins, Beth A Hellreigel, Janine L. Hochberg
Sean H. McCray, Joseph E. McNamara, Joseph W. Montgomery, Jennifer A. Pesavento
Antonia M. Pfeffer, Troy A. Riddle, Sandra A. Snyder, Joshua B. Schwartz, Leslie J. Starling, Matthew Toll, and Tracy L. Warga.

Pro Bono Distinction: Michael Adey, Jessica Arndt, Mijrane Belizaire, Lindsay Berman, Rebecca Bernstein, Ruhi Boga, Joan Alice Burn, Deanne Camara Ferreira, Kevin Collins, Jon Paul DeMarco, Kara Donoghue, Christopher Egoville, Kelly Ensslin, Kyle Everly, Erika Ewing, Nicole Faries, Lindsay Feltzin, Lisa Goldma, Devon Hauck, Beth Hellriegel, Lori Jaross, Umber Kamdar, Sarah Kaplan, Christine Kim, Kristy Krasowski, Danielle Kuzminski, Christopher Lee, Daniel Makoski, Courtney MiGinnis, Joseph McNamara, Isha Mehta, Christen Moffa, Joseph Montgomery, Ayla O’Brien, Vanitha Pandi, Evan Perel, Jennie Philip, Mona Prakash, Jefferey Pratz, Jennifer Pesavento, Kate Richey-Albert, Jeff Rigby, Kevin Rogers, Dayne Rose, Lindsay Scarborough, Aida Serrano Rivera, Drew Sharkey, Uzma Siddiqui, Sandy Snyder, Kristin Teufel, Leah Tressler, Ashley Tucker, Christina Young, Max Weiner, Sarah Whatley, Justin Will, Matthew Yueng, and Khuran Zaman.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Semester of Service: Anand Acharya, Kate Albert, Christopher Balala, Bryan Beabout, Mijrane Belizaire, Jessica Boyer, Heather Brand, Nate Caberto, Ryan Carlson, Shannon Chant, Robin Cohen, Kateri Conahey, Chris Cooper, Tamika Crawl-Bey, Christy Donati, Andre Dover, Jennifer Dryer, Alicia Fastman, Hallie Fischer, Ross Flocherzie, Michelle Gerhardt, Jennifer Glackin, Amy Glass, Lorraine Gordon, Sara Grimaldi, Laura Haushalter, Dan Herr, Michale Herring, Marie Hobson, Thomas Hogans, Eileen Horgan, Sung Jang, George Kando, Christine Kim, Elizabeth Levin, Irene Levy, Shannon Mace, Shannon Mackereth, Elizabeth Malloy, Katie Mills, Aggie Mingos, Samantha Mitchell, Mark Nelms, Bill Newman, Emeka Nkwuo, Simone Persaud, Meryl Peterman, Mark Poling, Beth Powers, Caitlin Quinn, Frank Rooks, Ashley Schilgen, Matt Smith, Nick Tyler, Ostin Warren, Amy Webster, Jennifer Weiler, Jessica Wojcik, and Danielle Woodward.

Phi Kappa Phi: Justin R. Alberto, Matthew R. Altomare, David Anthony, Christofer K. Bates, Katherine J. Begor, Whitney W. Deeney, Beth L. Donahue-Turner, Suzanne A. McMullen, Melissa Pfahler, Michael B. Schloss, Sarah E. Sodrick, Tracy L. Warga, and Justin Zuber.