The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law Annual Banquet
DJCL - Published: March 31, 2009


Pictured (starting left): Justice Jack B. Jacobs, Professor Lawrence A. Hamermesh, Kevin M. Gallagher.


Pictured (starting left): James C. Reed, Charles B. Vincent, Thomas A. Uebler,Lawrence M. Gordon, J. Richard Broughton,  Steven W. Spence (missing in photo John C. Andrade & Charlene Cathcart)


Pictured (starting left): 4 EICs of DJCL Kevin Gallagher (vol. 34, 2009), Thomas A. Uebler (vol. 32, 2007), Lawrence M. Gordon (vol. 4, 1979), J. Richard Broughton (vol. 24, 1999)

On Friday, March 27, 2009, The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law held their annual law review banquet. Joined with numerous DJCL/WUSL alumni, authors, and Justice Jack Jacobs of the Delaware Supreme Court, the DJCL honored the 2008-09 board and welcomed in the new 2009-10 board.

Highlights of the evening included great conversation, Kevin Gallagher's impressive speech on the state of the Journal, and a very touching personal recommendation for Kevin Gallagher's dedication, leadership, and overall contribution to the Journal's success. During his tenure as EIC, the DJCL received recognition as being ranked 10th out of 411 specialized law reviews and journals in the Washington & Lee Law Review ranking.

The Journal was extremely happy to share this event with our alumni, and we look forward to building a relationship with more alumni. Attending were: Jack J. Jacobs, Justice Delaware Supreme Court; authors Christopher Foulds, Shannon German, J. Travis Laster, Blake K. Rohrbacher, John Mark Zeberkiewicz; and alumni John C. Andrade, J. Richard Broughton, Charlene Cathcart, Lawrence M. Gordon, James C. Reed, Steven W. Spence, Thomas Uebler, and Charles B. Vincent.