Democratic Law Caucus and SBA Sponsor Bus Trip to Inauguration
Web Editor - Published: January 14, 2009
InaugurationTrip289PX“This is going to be a historic event, something someone may only see once in a lifetime,” says Democratic Law Caucus President Michael Follet of next Tuesday’s Presidential Inauguration. Thanks to the efforts of the Student Bar Association and the Democratic Law Caucus, students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to travel to Washington and witness the Inauguration on Tuesday January 20th.

Buses to the Inauguration will be departing at 5:30 am sharp from the Upper Parking Lot by the Concord Hall dormitory. In order to secure a spot on the trip, students should purchase a $20 ticket from Deb Berry in the Student Services Office no later than Friday, January 16th. Payment may be in the form of cash or a check made payable to the WUSL Student Bar Association.

The buses will travel to Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, and individuals will then be free to make their way into the city either via the Washington Metro from the Stadium-Armory station or on foot. The $20 tickets cover the cost of transportation to Washington, D.C. for the day and will not grant access to the ticketed seating area for 240,000 people straight back from the platform. Instead, the Widener group will be welcome to join the general public in the area beyond the ticketed space, which is expected to stretch down the National Mall to the Lincoln Monument. There will be 20 Jumbotron screens scattered throughout the mall area to aid in viewing the ceremony.

Everyone will be given a time to meet back at the buses, which are scheduled to arrive back in Delaware at 8:30 pm. Those making the trip are advised to wear comfortable shoes, dress warmly, and bring pocket money.