First Recipient of Dean’s Minority Scholarship Named
Web Editor - Published: December 2, 2009
Roshin_ThomasRoshin Thomas, a 1st-year student on the Delaware campus, has been awarded the first Dean’s Minority Student Scholarship.

A graduate of St. John’s University and a native of Albertson, New York, Thomas majored in Psychology as an undergraduate. Before coming to Widener Law, she worked with Habitat for Humanity to build housing for low-income people, participated in blood drives and cancer awareness activities, and taught a summer vacation Bible school in Mexico.

“I am argumentative, and I like to get my point across,” says Thomas of her desire to become an attorney, adding, “I am known for standing up for people who don’t speak up for themselves, and I find that happens to me a lot! I like working on behalf of people.” Her decision to pursue her legal education at Widener allowed her to experience life outside New York without moving to far from her family, but she had additional reasons for choosing the school. “A lot of it had to do with how easy it was to apply to Widener and how quickly the Admissions Office responded to my questions, compared to my experience with other schools. In addition, I am interested in health law, because many family members are in the health care field, and was I attracted by Widener’s health law program.”

Nearing the end of her first semester in law school, Roshin says, “It is academically different from undergrad work. I find it challenging, but the most interesting thing to me is that I find it is like putting on a different pair of eyes. It changed the way I look at situations. I now see that every story has two sides.”

To contribute to the Dean’s Minority Student Scholarship, please go to the secure online giving form and choose the scholarship from the designation drop-down menu.