Harrisburg Faculty and Staff Ring in the Holidays
Web Editor - Published: December 10, 2009

Ashley Barton and Kyle Schaeffer ring the bell for the Salvation Army.


Professor Michael Cozzillio does his part to help out.

“Most people who try it really enjoy it because you get to see people acting so selflessly,” says Professor Christopher J. Robinette of ringing the bell and collecting donations for the Salvation Army.

For the third consecutive year, faculty and staff on Widener Law’s Harrisburg campus will adopt a Salvation Army kettle and collect donations to assist families in need. For three days, from Wednesday, December 9th through Friday, December 11th, faculty and staff will take turns standing at the kettle at a location ten minutes from campus.

Robinette, the Chair of the Christmas Committee of the Salvation Army of Harrisburg’s Advisory Board, noted that last year’s efforts pulled in $675, enough to provide “holiday meals for ten families and a hot breakfast for 60 people.” He hopes that this year’s efforts will prove even more successful.

In addition to Professor Robinette, those participating are; Professor Michael J. Cozzillio and his wife Krista, Ashley Barton, Karen Durkin, Professor Ann Fruth, Sandy Graeff, Professor Anna Hemingway, Professor Mary Kate Kearney, Professor J. Palmer Lockard, II, Mary Lou Morin, and Kyle Schaeffer.