Professor and Student Team to Launch Blog on Nanotechnology and the Law
Web Editor - Published: April 9, 2010
NanoBlogPromo “The law's response to nanotechnology is just beginning. We will be on the cutting edge of legal discourse on the subject,” says Professor Jean Eggen of NanoLaw Blog. The new blog, which she will be writing with student Eric Laury, focuses on the impact of nanotechnology and the legal questions that will be raised as a result.

Both Professor Eggen and Eric hope to look at the issue of nanotechnology and the law from several angles, although they both stress that the primary purpose of the site will be to analyze material rather than simply pass along news. While Professor Eggen’s posts will tend to look at issues through the lens of toxic torts, Eric, who has a background in forensic chemistry and biotechnology, will frame the issues from a scientific angle.

Moving forward, Professor Eggen and Eric intended to look at issues such as pro-active versus reactive regulation, whether a broad approach or a narrow approach to regulation would be more appropriate, intellectual property issues, and matters that may give rise to tort litigation.