Professor John Culhane to Blog for Equality Forum 2010
Web Editor - Published: April 26, 2010
CulhaneEqualityForum2010Promo235From Monday, April 26th through Sunday, May 2nd, Philadelphia will play host once again to Equality Forum, “the largest annual national and international GLBT civil rights forum.” Professor John G. Culhane, Director of Widener Law’s Health Law Institute, will serve as the official blogger for the event for the second consecutive year.

Professor Culhane will be reporting on a range of panels, speakers, and events to take place as part of Equality Forum. As he writes on WordInEdgewise, “Once again, I will be the “official” and very busy blogger for Equality Forum. Although I won’t be able to cover almost every single session as I did last year, I do expect to hit many of them, including panels on transgender issues, legal developments, LGBT history, and several of the many Saturday programs.”

"I did spend some time as a journalist - pretty far down on the food chain - before attending law school, and I always got a charge out of the immediacy of news reporting," says Professor Culhane, adding, “Blogging this kind of event gives me a chance to do some of that, and to meet and question some leading figures. Last year, it was Rev. Gene Robinson and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, among others. This year, I expect to be able to interview attorney David Boies of Bush v. Gore fame. He and former opponent Ted Olson are litigating the ban on same-sex marriage, and the case is expected to end up in the Supreme Court. I think I have a question or two he's not yet been asked.”

"While attending last year's Equality Forum, I was reminded that people will sometimes say and discuss things that they might be less willing to sit down and write, so you get immediacy and candor that make for great stories,” observes Professor Culhane. He also believes that chronicling the events can serve a long-term purpose as well. “Sometimes, I've heard statements that sounded great -- like one panelist's comment last year that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act would come up for debate and a vote within a few months - but that didn't turn out to be true. So my blog creates a record against which we can then test future developments," he says.

To follow along with Professor Culhane’s experiences, take a look at his blog, WordInEdgewise, where he will post daily updates.