Professor Alicia Kelly Delivered Four Presentations Over Busy Summer
Web Editor - Published: August 29, 2010
Kelly300x266Faculty_deAssociate Professor of Law Alicia B. Kelly enjoyed an eventful summer schedule, presenting four different times at three different conferences.

In June, Professor Kelly spoke at the International Society of Family Law Conference co-sponsored by the Midwest Family Law Consortium and held in Kansas City, Missouri on the campus of the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law. Her talk, entitled Mainstreaming Gender Equality: A Reality Check, stressed that recent media declarations of achievement for women obfuscate underlying problems by creating a myth of gender equality. She argued, “Women continue to suffer systemic disadvantages in the labor market and in family life – gender equality has not been mainstreamed.”

Also in June, Professor Kelly spoke at the Emerging Family Law Scholars Conference, which was also held at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law. Her talk, Inequality Among Intimate Partners and the Role of Money, Gender, and Law, related to a book project she is working on that will explore “economic power inequalities within and across intimate partner relationships.”

Professor Kelly presented twice at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools Annual Conference held in August in Palm Beach, Florida. The Expressive Power of Marriage investigated “whether becoming married might express a different level of commitment and sharing than does informal partnering, and what role public recognition might play in supporting intimate expression whether married or not.” The Changing World of Trusts & Estates Pedagogy “highlighted the ways in which active learning strategies and integration of lawyering skills can deepen student learning, and can be successful even with larger classes.”

Professor Alicia Kelly serves as the Chair of the Family & Juvenile Law Section of the American Association of Law Schools for this year.