Professors Offer Harrisburg Students Wise Words on Job Search
Harrisburg Web Correspondent - Published: March 15, 2010
Professor Mary Kate Kearney, Associate Professor Wesley M. Oliver, and Associate Professor Michael R. Dimino, Sr. organized an aggressive job-hunting lecture in the pit on Thursday, March 11, 2010.

Kearney said that although networking can be daunting, it is achievable if students are open to all the opportunities available. She suggested joining the local Student Bar Association or Harrisburg Young Professionals to meet local lawyers in the area as a start.

Professor Dimino advised taking the preliminary step in the job process. He pointed out that no firm wants to hire an ordinary student. Therefore it is imperative that students get involved in activities that will make them exceptional job candidates, such as serving as a research assistant for professors.

Professor Oliver suggested that the final line of the resume, the interest section, is the most important line, and he stressed that students should not overlook this section because it is a chance to show how interesting you are.

Oliver concluded by telling the students about his job search after law school. He sent out resumes to over 400 firms, went on 5 interviews and was only offered 2 positions. Emphasizing that the only way to get a job in this economy is to send your resume out, he also suggested going to teachers for help.