Teen Achievers Visited Harrisburg Campus to Learn About Law School
Web Editor - Published: December 9, 2010
On Saturday, November 20, 2010, the Harrisburg campus hosted students from the Teen Achievers Program at the Camp Curtin YMCA in Harrisburg for a program entitled, "So You Want to Be a Lawyer . . ."

“Our goal was to make the idea of law school more attainable to these students by giving them a road map of how to get there and exposure to the kinds of things they can do if they get there,” said Harrisburg campus Director of Admissions Eric M. Kniskern, who gave the students an overview of the law school admissions process.

Clarissa Freeman, a 2008 graduate of Widener Law’s Harrisburg campus, talked about the diversity of careers open to lawyers beyond the courtroom, and local corporate attorney Alphonso Arnold gave a power point presentation on how business and copyright law affects people’s everyday lives.

Following lunch, the students were split into smaller work groups and discussed legal issues such as sexting, cyber bullying, property rights of animals, and pro bono work with Professors Starla Williams, David Raeker-Jordan, Dionne Anthon, and Monica Cliatt. The day ended with campus tours and a question and answer session with Widener Law students from the Black Law Students Association.

Widener Law thanks the Law School Admissions Council's discoverlaw.org for sponsoring this wonderful event.