Harrisburg Faculty and Staff Ring the Bell for the Salvation Army
Web Editor - Published: December 17, 2010
From Tuesday, December 14th through Thursday, December 16th, members of the Harrisburg campus faculty and staff manned a Salvation Army kettle at Karns near the campus to collect donations to assist families in need.

Professor Christopher J. Robinette, who now serves as the Chair of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army of Harrisburg, noted that last year’s efforts pulled in $828.15, which was up over $150 from 2008. “That's the equivalent of 10 holiday meals for a family of 5, 10 holiday meals for a family of 3, and 10 hot breakfasts,” he said. He hopes that this year’s efforts will prove even more successful than last year’s.

In addition to Professor Robinette, those participating included; Jessica Schuller, Sandy Graeff, Juliet Moringiello, Kyle Schaeffer, Ashley Barton, Ann Fruth, Michael Dimino, Mary Lou Morin, Amanda Smith, Robyn Meadows, and Michael Cozzillio.

Update: The Widener team brought in 1,022.41 over 2 and 1/3 days, up nearly two hundred dollars from last year's $828.15. Over 400 people will eat a hot breakfast thanks to those who gave their time!