2011 Martin Luther King Jr. Semester of Service Launches
Robert L. Hayman - Published: February 26, 2011
The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) and the Law and Inequality Project (LAIP) have launched the Fifth Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Semester of Service.

The Martin Luther King Semester of Service Project offers all members of the law school community an opportunity to perform both hands-on labor and pro bono legal services for those in need.

Students who perform at least twelve (12) hours of combined service before the end of the semester are designated “MLK Service Fellows” and are recognized at the Student Awards Ceremony. Students also earn credit towards pro bono distinction.

To become an MLK Service Fellow, participants perform at least 5-8 hours of charitable labor and 5-8 hours of law-related service for a combined total of at least 12 hours.

Last year, students volunteered over one thousand hours of time to MLK-SOS projects.

The 2011 Semester of Service Projects include:
    • Helping students at the Boys and Girls Club in Wilmington.
    • Helping at Delaware and Pennsylvania Food Banks
    • Helping with the MS Walk in Wilmington
    • Helping with the Hispanic Student Recognition Program at the Latin American Community Center (LACC)
    • Helping with house construction through Habitat for Humanity

    • Helping with a “legal needs” survey of patients at Brandywine Counseling & Community Services, in partnership with Widener’s Medical Legal Project, and Community Legal Aid Society Inc.
    • Judging a Mock Trial as part of the Delaware State High School Mock Trial Competition, through partnership with the Delaware Law Related Education Center.
    • Teaching part of a curriculum on either “Comparative Law” or “Desegregation in Delaware” in Delaware high school classes, through partnership with the Delaware Law Related Education Center.
For More Information

MLK SOS Pamphlets describe the projects and have a sign-up sheet; they are available in the PIRC offices (L206/207) and at information tables in the atrium. Information is also available on the PIRC blog and LAIP website.

Email Kristin Crane at kmcrane@widener.edu or Professor Bob Hayman at rlhayman@widener.edu if you have any questions.