Parking Lot Construction to Add Spaces Near Main Law Building on Delaware Campus
Web Editor - Published: July 21, 2011
“I believe the new parking lot will create a much more pleasing experience,” says Campus Services Director Gil Landau of efforts to add approximately 75 new parking spaces near the Main Law Building on the Delaware campus.

Initial construction, which will see the excavation of the area currently occupied by the athletic courts, began on Thursday, July 21st. The basketball and tennis courts will be moved across the bridge to the back lot and downsized from four courts to two.

The goals of the construction include creating additional parking closer to the academic and dormitory buildings, creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, and consolidating the athletic facilities.

“The new athletic courts placed in the back lot will assist with our goal of keeping all athletics in a centralized area,” says Landau, adding, “Also, I believe our campus will benefit with newly landscaped areas within the new lot that add to our community’s appearance.”

During the course of the construction most of the parking areas surrounding the site will not be available, including the restricted row that contains spaces for the Dean’s Office, Admissions, and persons with disabilities. During this time, the restricted spaces and their signs will be moved to the opposite row of seven parking spaces adjacent to the Main Building and four parking spaces further down the drive closer to the Bookstore. The PILA and Employee Appreciation Award reserved parking will also be moved to this area.

The parking restrictions will lift from Monday, July 25th through Wednesday, July 27th during the Delaware Bar exam, but will resume on Thursday, July 28th.

The construction is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete and should be finished before the fall semester begins.