Book on Delaware Corporation Law By Justice Holland Released in Taiwan
Web Editor - Published: December 16, 2011
HollandChinaBook235In late October, Delaware Corporation Law: Selected Cases, a book by Delaware Supreme Court Justice and Widener Law adjunct Randy J. Holland that contains edited decisions by the Delaware Supreme Court and commentary, was published in Chinese for distribution in Taiwan and later in China.

Translated into Chinese by professors, the book will be used to educate law students. In the preface, the former Chief Justice of Taiwan, In-Jaw Lai, wrote: “To understand the United States Company Law, people must study the Delaware legal system.” Justice Holland has worked with Chief Justice Lai for the last few years in developing a commercial division within Taiwan’s trial courts. Several judges from Taiwan have visited Delaware’s courts to learn about deciding commercial cases.

The release of Justice Holland’s book coincided with the delivery of his keynote address to the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association. Once again, he met with former Chief Justice Lai and some of Taiwan’s highest-ranking judges to discuss issues relating to commercial courts and judicial ethics. Justice Holland also spoke at both of Taiwan’s stock exchanges and the National Taiwan University School of Law.

For more information, contact Stephen D. Taylor, Court Administrator of the Delaware Supreme Court, 302-577-8702.