Foreign Students Attend Summer Corporate Law Program
Web Editor - Published: July 16, 2012
Seven students are participating in a special certificate program offered over three weeks in July by Widener’s Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law to teach participants about U.S. and Delaware corporate law.

The group consists of both practicing attorneys and law students, with five of the students hailing from Russia, one from Gambia, and one from New York. In addition to instruction from Institute Director and Ruby R. Vale Professor of Corporate Law Larry Hamermesh, the students have been taking an Advanced Concepts in Corporate Law course with Associate Professor of Law Paul Regan.

Beyond taking advantage of the institute’s corporate law expertise, participants have been able to enjoy the advantages afforded by the law school's location in Wilmington and its connections within the corporate law community. Students had the opportunity to meet with Vice Chancellor Donald F. Parsons of the renowned Delaware Court of Chancery, and they meet with members of the DuPont company’s legal team on Thursday, July 12th. This week, program participants will enjoy lunch with several foreign attorneys visiting the University of Delaware.