Widener Law Hosts Accepted Applicants at Picnics on Each Campus
Web Editor - Published: May 25, 2012

“Luckily, we had downpours just before and after the picnic. The picnic itself was great,” said Harrisburg Admissions Director Eric Kniskern, following the event held for accepted applicants on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 23rd.

Both the Delaware and Harrisburg campuses hosted similar events for accepted applicants that provided them with an opportunity to get to know potential classmates as well as members of the faculty and staff.

In Harrisburg, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development Ben Barros and Distinguished Professor John Dernbach as well as staff from Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Harrisburg Civil Law Clinic joined the accepted applicants for the festivities.

On the Delaware campus, several members of the faculty including Larry Barnett, Serena Williams, Larry Hamermesh, Alan Garfield, Patrick Johnston, Vice Dean J. Patrick Kelly, Kathleen Turezyn, Ann Britton, Michael Goldberg, Ken Kristl, and Associate Dean for Information Services and Technology and Director of the Legal Information Center Michael Slinger joined staff from Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Development, and the Registrar’s Office to greet accepted applicants.

Though inclement weather struck the events on both campuses, those in attendance made sure that the weather did not dampen spirits.

Widener Law thanks all of the accepted applicants who visited the campuses and hopes to see everyone back as students in the fall!