Local Attorney Offers Free Pilates Classes to Students on Harrisburg Campus
Harrisburg Correspondent - Published: February 7, 2012
PilatesHB235Local Harrisburg attorney and certified Pilates instructor Timothy A. Shollenberger, Esq., is offering a free Pilates class to students on Widener Law’s Harrisburg campus every Tuesday night during the month of February.

Mr. Shollenberger has been an attorney since 1981 and recently became a certified Pilates instructor in June of 2010. He explains that Pilates is a series of movements and exercises to tone and strengthen the core areas of the body. Mat Pilates, which uses no machines or free weights, helps improve balance and bone density because the participant will be doing exercises and movements that are specifically designed to improve one’s ability to support their own weight while other exercises and movements challenge the participant’s ability to balance themselves.

Pilates provides many benefits. He shared, “Before I started taking and teaching Pilates, my range of motion was such that I could barely turn around to back my car out of the driveway. Now I can turn my torso in both directions with relative ease. Before Pilates, my abdominal muscles were weak and the fat around my abdomen [which is the most dangerous kind of fat to have] has been greatly diminished. Also, my ability to lift and carry objects has also improved as my upper extremity strength has improved. I could go on and on.”

Students who are interested in participating in the class should meet in the Side Bar on Tuesday nights at 5 p.m. and bring a yoga mat.