Associate Professor Delivers Primer on Copyright, Free Exchange, and the Web on WITF’s Radio Smart Talk
Web Editor - Published: July 26, 2012
EvansBLSA235pxOn Wednesday, July 25th, Associate Professor Tonya M. Evans joined WITF’s Radio Smart Talk to discuss copyright and the free exchange of information during the 9:00 a.m. hour.

“The general rule of thumb online is that anything literary or artistic probably – at least initially – was protected by copyright,” said Professor Evans in response to a hypothetical question from Radio Smart Talk Director Scott Lamar about reproducing an image on a website to open the program. “The issue becomes whether there is some implied license for you to use – whether there is some express license,” she added.

Professor Evans addressed a number of issues throughout the program from an overview of what copyright is to fair use doctrine and the debate about the length of copyright and how that relates to the increased value of intellectual property. She also answered specific questions from callers on a number of subjects ranging from reform of copyright law to work-for-hire.

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