Harrisburg Campus Guest Lecturer Discusses European Union Free Movement
Harrisburg Web Correspondent - Published: November 15, 2012
HelenaWray235pxDr. Helena Wray, senior researcher and LLM programme leader at Middlesex University London, gave a presentation on Monday, November 12th to Harrisburg campus students and faculty about European Immigration Law. Afterwards, she took a moment to address questions and to expand on her personal views about the present state of The European Union.

“The EU as a whole must come to terms with what enlarged membership offers,” she said, adding, “The problem is that there are many who talked about migration and multiculturalism in very negative terms.”

Dr. Wray recognized that some member countries have an increasing resistance to the Schengen Visa system, but somewhat dismissed the possibility of its demise, saying, “The trouble with the Schengen Visa system is also its benefit. One foot in the door gets you in to all the member states. It’s true there have been suggestions to shut it down, but it is unlikely to happen. We have come too far. However given The European Union’s current fiscal problems such change is not impossible. At the moment there is a spasm of cultural closure, reacting to increased multiculturalism. But I’m skeptical that [multiculturalism has] failed.”

After her discussion on EU immigration law, she answered questions from the class on topics ranging from France’s Eastern European Roma population to potentially unlawful discrimination against Muslims.

Charles Foster, a widener law student in attendance found the presentation “really interesting.” Mr. Foster noticed parallels between United States federal law and European Union directives, observing, “The European system is more liberal than ours, and it has to be based on how it is structured. I think both The United States and The European Union have lessons to learn from one another.”