Widener Law Welcomes National Judicial College
Web Editor - Published: June 9, 2013
DelawareExterior235From June 10th through the 13th, Widener Law’s Delaware campus is hosting the National Judicial College for an Advanced Administrative Law Seminar.

Bringing together Administrative Law Judges with at least three years of experience on the bench, the program is a four-day course taught by National Judicial College faculty members, including Widener Law Dean Linda L. Ammons, who has been a member of the National Judicial College’s faculty since 1993. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive look at federal and state administrative law with an emphasis on evidentiary, due process, and other constitutional developments, ethics, and court procedures.

Founded in 1963, the National Judicial College is located on the University of Nevada’s Reno campus. Run by an 18-member Board of Trustees, the National Judicial College became a Nevada not-for-profit educational corporation on January 1, 1978. The National Judicial College’s faculty consists of judges, lawyers, and legal professionals with national and international experience.

In addition to Dean Ammons, Professor James R. May and Associate Professor Jules Epstein serve as National Judicial College faculty.