Swearing In Ceremony Admits Clinic Students to Limited Practice of Law in Delaware
Christy D'Antonio - Published: September 12, 2013
Delaware Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland recently presided over a special session of the court on the Delaware campus, where he administered an oath that admitted 17 Widener students (and 1 Rutgers School of Law student) to the limited practice of law.

The students were admitted Monday, September 10, under a special rule that allows them to appear in some Delaware courts under very stringent guidelines. The oaths were taken in connection with their service to the Delaware Civil Clinic, the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic, or externships with the Delaware Department of Justice.

Dean Linda L. Ammons, always inspirational, led off the proceedings with an engaging speech. She introduced and thanked Supreme Court Justice Randy Holland for presiding. She commented that “Justice Holland is not your every day Supreme Court Justice,” he has been voted one of the best justices in the United States. The Dean reminded us that we are privileged to have him “walk the halls of our law school.” Dean Ammons impressed upon the students that they are going out and helping “real people,” exhorting them to practice due diligence, reminding them of the importance of their post, and that they are representing Widener Law School.

Justice Holland spoke briefly before administering the oath. He led off by observing that it was a special day for both the school and the students. He said that the oath of office could only be administered by one of the justices of the Supreme Court in Delaware. Discussing the reasons for that practice, he noted that it gave the justices a chance to interact with students and thank them for their public service. He encouraged the students to continue that spirit of public service by taking on pro bono work as they progressed in their legal careers.

His comments about the school of law were particularly inspiring as he told the students that they were part of a great institution and that the school’s clinical programs were used as a model nationally for other law schools. He also said that while he could teach anywhere, he chooses to teach at Widener Law because of his respect for the school.

After the motions for the students to be sworn in were approved and the oath administered, Justice Holland shook everyone’s hand and congratulated the students. He also commended Professor Ken Kristl’s dedication to the school and the clinic. He reminded everyone that although an arduous endeavor, Professor Kristl sat for the Delaware bar in order to serve as advisor to the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic.
Students who took the oath included:

Delaware Civil Clinic:
Denise M. Deike
Sean W. Develin
Anthony J. Hill
James T. Kilduff
Ellen E. Lavelle
Micole C. Mosley
Sandra S. Retzky
Jason B. Rojas

Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic:
Harry Cook
Rebecca Drowos
William Eppler
Joshua Grajewski
Kari Hassett
Jay Patel
David Secouler
Justin Turner

Delaware Department of Justice Externs:
Zachary M. Berl
Rachel Bellet (Rutgers School of Law)