Magazine showcases top lawyers with a Widener Law backdrop
Public Relations - Published: November 7, 2013
DEToday2013TopLawyers235pxDelaware Today magazine’s latest issue puts a spotlight of sorts on Widener Law.

The Wilmington-based magazine, which covers topics of general interest to Delaware residents and bills itself as “the lifestyle authority in the First State,” has a feature in its November issue devoted to “Top Lawyers.”

The piece features two sections of top lawyers by specialty, as chosen by lawyers and by magazine readers.

Delaware Today staff thought of Widener Law as they considered where to shoot photos for the spread. Magazine photographer Ron Dubick visited the campus twice in August to stage photo shoots for five of the six portrait shots featured with the package.

Three of those portraits showcase Widener Law alumni and a fourth photograph highlights Visiting Professor of Law Richard K. Herrmann, recognized as a top e-discovery-technology law attorney. The alumni photographed included:
  • Commercial law attorney Cynthia Kaiser ’86, from the lawyers’ choice list.
  • Bankruptcy attorney Tara Blakely ’04, from the readers’ choice list.
  • Alternative dispute resolution attorney Yvonne Takvorian Saville ’95, who made both top-pick lists.
  • Herrmann also made both lists.
“We congratulate these members of the Widener Law family on their recognition,” Law Dean Linda L. Ammons said. “It is nice to see our beautiful campus reflected in their success.”

In addition, these other alumni made the lists of top lawyers, chosen by Delaware Today readers:
Leslie B. Spoltore ‘96
Scott D. Cousins ‘92
Diane M. Coffey ‘89
John S. Malik ‘83
Kevin F. Brady ‘82
David J. Ferry Jr. ‘81
Shawn Dougherty ‘87
Dominick T. Gattuso ‘97
Chase T. Brockstedt ‘99
Colleen D. Shields ‘92
These alumni made the lists of top lawyers, chosen by lawyers:
Jonathan Layton ‘95
Kevin F. Brady ‘82
Mary M. Culley ‘84
David J. Ferry Jr. ‘81
Stephanie L. Hansen ‘00
Shawn Dougherty ‘87
Gary Linarducci ‘75
Angela Pinto-Ross ‘99
Finally, adjunct faculty member Kurt M. Heyman made both lists, and adjunct faculty member Bartholomew Dalton made the list of top lawyers chosen by lawyers.