Professor Represents Young Woman Seeking Carbon Emissions Reduction in Pennsylvania
Web Editor - Published: November 25, 2013
Kristl235pxLast week, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic Director Kenneth T. Kristl represented Ashley Funk and her climate change petition for rulemaking before the Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board. Following a brief presentation by Kristl, the Board voted to accept the petition.

Funk, a 20-year-old Mount Pleasant, PA resident, filed a revised petition to limit and regulate fossil fuel emissions in September to both the Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Our Children’s Trust, an Oregon-based nonprofit focused on addressing climate change through youth-centric legal efforts, assisted Ashley in filing her petition.

“I am pleased that the EQB accepted Ashley's Petition for Rulemaking, and that the DEP recommended that acceptance,” said Kristl. “Now the DEP will turn to the substance of the issue that Ashley has long pressed: whether to issue regulations that would reduce CO2 emissions in Pennsylvania. I hope that the DEP will ultimately recognize that the public trust articulated in Pennsylvania's Constitution requires such regulation in order to conserve and maintain the atmosphere and environment for Pennsylvanians like Ashley and future generations of Pennsylvanians to come.”

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