Harrisburg Federalist Society Guest Speaker Discusses Immigration
Brent Johnson - Published: October 11, 2013

Stuart Anderson, Executive Director of the National Foundation for American Policy

On Thursday, October 10th, The Harrisburg campus Federalist Society hosted guest speaker Stuart Anderson for the second in a series of Constitutional Law talks.

Mr. Anderson is the Executive Director of the National Foundation for American Policy, a non-partisan public policy research organization specializing in trade and immigration. Drawing on his extensive experience on Capitol Hill, he discussed the major historical phases that have characterized America’s changing immigration law. He gave a brief survey of the major issues facing current immigration policies and concluded with his best guess at what the current Congress may do in regard to changing the immigration laws.

In discussing the current state of American immigration policy, Mr. Anderson argued that the gradual shift to enforcement-based laws had the unintended consequence of increasing the number of undocumented residents crossing the borders into America. When asked to predict the near future for immigration reform, he stated that both sides of the immigration debate in Congress are not that far apart in their views. Anderson said he would not be surprised if Congress worked out a deal that included a means for legal entry into America for unskilled workers while increasing the number of visas for highly skilled professionals.