Delaware Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland Administers Oath to Students
Web Editor - Published: February 11, 2014
“This is a very special day in your life here as a student at Widener, and let me say that I think you’re very lucky to be here,” Delaware Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland told the thirteen students who were admitted to the limited practice of the law in Delaware under Rule 56 during a special session of the Delaware Supreme Court on Monday, February 10th.

Justice Holland opened the session by recognizing Interim Dean Erin Daly, who spoke briefly about the important role that the clinics and externship programs at Widener play in the school’s dedication to experiential learning. She also thanked Justice Holland for his commitment to the school.

Catherine Zwolak Kilian, Esq., a staff attorney for the Delaware Civil Law Clinic moved for the admission of 8 clinic students. Ross Flockerzie, Esq. moved for the admission of one extern who is working for the Office of the Public Defender this semester, and attorneys Patricia Dailey Lewis, Ipek Medford, and Susan G. Schmidhauser from the Office of the Attorney General moved for the admission of four externs.

In his brief remarks to the students, Justice Holland touched on the importance of civility and professionalism. He observed that clients would look to them as representatives of the court and that the professional conduct of court officers was an important part of allowing participants in the legal system to respect the process and accept the judgment rendered.

Students taking the oath were:

Delaware Civil Clinic
Jaclyn E. Crittenden
Brian J. Doyle
Laura Andrews Hunter
Julie M. O’Dell
Alex A. Pastore
Caitlyn Elizabeth Quinn
Caren L. Sydnor
Maksim Takhtarov

Office of the Public Defender
Brian DeMott

Office of the Attorney General
Katherine C. Butler
Christopher Diguglielmo
Michele Mules
Arielle Kay Williams