Harrisburg Faculty and Alumni Volunteer for "Ask a Lawyer" Event
Anna Hemingway - Published: May 8, 2014
On May 2, Professors Anna Hemingway and Amanda Smith joined Widener alumni Anthony Hoover, Nicole Radziewicz, and Joseph Swartz to participate in the Dauphin County Bar Association’s Ask a Lawyer event.

As part of the 2014 Dauphin County Bar Association's Law Week celebration, they volunteered their time to answer legal questions and concerns from the public at the “Ask a Lawyer” booth that was set-up in downtown Harrisburg’s Strawberry Square Atrium. They offered free legal advice on custody issues, estate planning, and disability law. The professors often encourage their students to volunteer and do pro bono work to help others. The “Ask a Lawyer” event gave them the opportunity to sit alongside their former students to help support the local community.