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The Patriot-News
John Dernbach, quoted on 04/07/14
A Green Ruling: Franklin Kury and the 40-year fight for clean air and water in Pennsylvania

The Delaware County Daily Times
John Culhane, wrote column on 03/28/14
Column: Don't lose sight of the goal of Obamacare

Ken Kristl, interviewed on 03/28/14
Interviewed for a story on clean drinking water (no link available)

Delaware Grapevine
Michael Dimino., quoted on 03/27/14
The Bonini Bill

KCRW-FM's Press Play
John Culhane, interviewed on 03/27/14
Discussed unions for college athletes (no link available)

The News Journal
Ken Kristl, mentioned in letter to the Editor on 03/27/14
Newark should unite to push against Data Center (subscription may be required)

The Delaware County Times
John Culhane, spoke during Communication Studies 'Live from the Newsroom program on 03/26/14
Missed 'Live from the Newsroom' talking Obamacare at Widener? Here is the replay

Prelaw Magazine
D. Benjamin Barros, quoted in Spring 2014 issue
Jobs for JDs, just later

Pittsburgh City Paper
John Dernbach, quoted on 03/26/14
Public Trusts: Proposed fracking under Deer Lakes Park could run afoul of state constitution

WHYY Newsworks, WITF-FM, and WESA-FM
U.S. Supreme Court to hear Pa. firm's challenge of contraception mandate (WHYY Newsworks on 03/24/14)
U.S. Supreme Court to hear midstate challenge of contraception mandate (WITF.org on 03/25/14)
U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Local Challenge of Federal Contraception Mandate (WESA-FM on 03/24/14

Delaware County Daily Times
Francis Catania, mention of reappointment to Delaware County Economic Development Oversight Board on 03/24/14
County council makes appointment

The News Journal
Thomas Reed, quoted on 03/23/14
Suspended Delaware Chief Medical Examiner's side work scrutinized (subscription may be required)

The News Journal
Alan Garfield, wrote column on 03/23/14
Making the case for contraception over religion (subscription may be required)

York Daily Record
John Dernbach, quoted on 03/20/14
Act 13 court battle: What's still at stake?

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Robert Power, quoted on 03/19/14
Political bribery can be tough to prove

The Express
John Dernbach, quoted on 03/18/14
What’s still at stake in the Act 13 court battle?

WPMT Fox 43 News
Randy Lee, quoted on 03/15/14
Student, parents sue school district over handling of “joke” about bomb threat

State Impact NPR Blog
John Dernbach, quoted on 03/14/14
What’s still at stake in the Act 13 court battle?

The Times Herald
Jules Epstein, quoted on 03/10/14
Convicted Phoenixville murderer loses appeal for new trial

Lawrence Hamermesh, quoted on 03/10/14
RBC Judge Finds Conflicts Tainted Rural/Metro Buyout

John Culhane, quoted on 03/10/14
10 things the gun industry won’t tell you

John Culhane, wrote column on 03/06/14
U.S. v. Windsor Must Be This Generation’s Brown v. Board of Education, Not Its Roe v. Wade

WDEL 1150 AM
Jules Epstein, interviewed on 03/06/14
Discussed shortage of lethal injection drugs nationally and in Delaware (No link available)

ABC News, Bloomberg, Daily Herald
Jules Epstein, quoted on Oscar Pistorius murder trial
Oscar Pistorius Reacts to Testimony About Night Reeva Steenkamp Was Killed (ABC News on 03/06/14)
'Blade Runner' Pistorius' murder trial begins Monday (Daily Herald on 03/01/14)
Pistorius Prosecution in Fight to Prove Premeditated Murder (Bloomberg on 02/28/14)

Reuters, The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, etc.
Juliet Moringiello, quoted on Detroit bankruptcy plan
Detroit uses stick and carrot to sell bankruptcy plan (Reuters on 02/26/14)
Detroit Uses Stick and Carrot to Sell Bankruptcy Plan (The New York Times on 02/26/14)
Detroit uses stick and carrot to sell bankruptcy plan (The Morning Call on 02/26/14)
Detroit uses stick and carrot to sell bankruptcy plan (The Baltimore Sun on 02/26/14)

The Huffington Post
John Culhane, wrote column on 02/26/14
Casinos for Seniors: Full of Sound and Light, Signifying Emptiness

Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Judith Ritter, quoted on 02/25/14
Test jury yields mixed results in case of Pitt researcher accused of killing wife

Ben Barros, quoted on 02/25/14
Law Jobs Market Moves Up . . Or Does It?

The News Journal
Lawrence Hamermesh, quoted on 02/23/14
Steele chosen to swear in Strine as chief justice (subscription may be required)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Jules Epstein, quoted on 02/22/14
What prompts county to seek death penalty?

USA Today
Jules Epstein, quoted on 02/17/14
Police probe teen's claims that she killed dozens

The News Journal
Alan Garfield, wrote opinion column on 02/16/14
Who deserves the right to decide on abortion? (subscription may be required)

John Culhane, wrote column on 02/15/14
Michael Sam Understands That Football Is a Business. That’s Why He Felt Comfortable Coming Out.

The News Journal
Ken Kristl, quoted on 02/11/14
Newark Data Center: 2nd zoning appeal filed (subscription may be required)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Jules Epstein, wrote letter on 02/10/14
Letters to the Editor: Legal Courage

WDEL 1150 AM
Jules Epstein, interviewed on 02/05/14
Widener Law prof chosen for national forensic commission (audio available)

The News Journal
Linda L. Ammons, quoted on 02/02/14
Dean's imagination keeps Widener's walls bright (subscription may be required)

BBC News
John Culhane, quoted on 01/31/14
A US college football player's union could be 'revolutionary'

John Culhane, wrote column on 01/29/14
Hey, Hey, NCAA. Unionize College Sports Today!

Pennsylvania Cable Network
Michael R. Dimino, served as a panelist on televised discussion on 01/29/14
Panel Discussion on voter ID legislation (no link available)

Pennsylvania Cable Network
John C. Dernbach, served as a guest during special program on 01/27/14
Program on Pennsylvania's Act 13, the Marcellus Shale, and the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling (no link available)

WITF-FM's Radio Smart Talk
John C. Dernbach, interviewed on 01/21/14
Smart Talk: the PA Supreme Court's shale decision and the quest for affordable artist housing in York (audio available)

Delaware Business Daily, The News Journal
Ken Kristl, quoted on appeal of Milsboro chicken plant
Foes appeal clean-up ruling that could clear way for $100M poultry plant (Delaware Business Daily on 01/21/14)
Widener files appeal backing opponents of Millsboro chicken plant plan (The News Journal on 01/20/14) (subscription may be required)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
John Culhane, quoted on 01/20/14
Pennsylvania could tip the scales nationally on same-sex marriage

The York Record and The Patriot News
Michael Dimino, on Pennsylvania voter ID law
Accept, appeal or pass a new law: Options for voter ID supporters in Pennsylvania (York Record 01/19/14)
What could a voter ID appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court look like? (The Patriot-News on 01/17/14)

The Paul Harris Show
John Culhane, interviewed on 01/18/14
Discussed potential for lawsuits against Governor Chris Christie's administration (audio available)

Ken Kristl, quoted on 01/17/14
Suit challenges DNREC on new carbon limits for power plants

WDEL 1150 AM
G. Randell Lee, interviewed on 01/16/14
Discussed the Supreme Court case involving free speech and protesters outside abortion clinics on the noon broadcast (no link available)

PreLaw Magazine
Linda L. Ammons, sited for diversity initiatives in the 2014 Winter Issue
Diversity Stars

John Culhane, wrote opinion piece on 01/14/14
How to Sue Over the Christie Bridge Scandal and Win

The News Journal
Ken Kristl, quoted on 01/14/14
Environmental groups' Delaware City Refinery crude-by-rail challenge rejected (subscription may be required)

WDEL 1150 AM
Michael Dimino, interviewed on 01/13/14
Discussed Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in a case focused on presidential recess appointment power (no link available)

The News Journal
Alan Garfield, wrote opinion column on 01/12/14
Supreme Court considers space restrictions on First Amendment (subscription may be required)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
John Dernbach, quoted on 01/12/14
Court decision may have big impact on drilling

The News Journal
Ken Kristl, quoted on 01/11/14
New appeal of Delaware City Refinery's oil-by-rail operation (subscription may be required)

WDDE 91.1 FM
Kathleen Conn, interviewed on 01/10/14
Discussed the future of Reach Academy charter school for girls on the Green Show (audio available)

The News Journal, WDEL 1150 AM
Larry Hamermesh, on Governor Markell's choice of Chancellor Strine to become the next Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court
Markell nominates Strine for chief justice of Delaware Supreme Court (The News Journal on 01/09/13) (subscription may be required)
Discussed Governor Markell's choice of Leo Strine as the next Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court on the evening broadcast (WDEL 1150 AM on 01/08/13)(no link available)

WDEL 1150 AM
John Culhane, interviewed on 01/06/14
Discussed Supreme Court ruling that blocks gay marriage in Utah to make way for a legal appeal (no link available)

The Morning Call
John Dernbach, quoted on 01/06/14
Corbett to state Supreme Court: Undo fracking ruling

Monica Cliatt, interviewed on 01/03/14
Discussed whether smoking pot legally in Colorado can get you into trouble with a workplace drug test in Pennsylvania (video)

WDEL 1150 AM
John Culhane, interviewed on 01/03/14
Discussed same-sex marriage law in Utah (no link available)

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