Paralegal Studies Certificate
ABA Approved

Paralegal Certificate Program – 24 Credits
The certificate program provides specialty instruction for students already holding 60 college credits. Students may select to complete the Certificate of Completion in Paralegal Studies at LEI, or those with specific career goals or academic interests may opt to complete a Certificate of Completion in Paralegal Studies with a concentration in a particular area of law. LEI offers a Paralegal Studies Certificate with concentrations in the following areas of law: corporate law, criminal law, litigation, health law, real estate law, estate administration, intellectual property, and elder law.

One Summer Certificate Program Option
begins mid-May each Summer
The One Summer Certificate Program at LEI provides students the accessibility to complete 24 credits and receive their ABA approved paralegal certificate in approximately 15 weeks from mid-May through mid-August. Students will complete a combination of day, evening and online classes. This convenient format of summer classes allows students the ability to get a head start on their paralegal careers.

Seated Requirement
Students must take at least ten semester credits or the equivalent of legal specialty courses through traditional classroom instruction. 


I already have a Bachelor’s degree in another course of study. Is a Paralegal Studies Certificate right for me?
Yes. Many students at LEI already possess a Bachelor’s degree in another area of study. The Paralegal Studies Certificate allows students to gain the appropriate education and skills to pursue a career as a paralegal.

I have more than 60 credits, but I have not yet earned a degree. Is a Paralegal Studies Certificate right for me?
Yes. Students with 60 college credits will qualify to begin their Paralegal Studies Certificate at LEI. By talking to an LEI advisor, you can plan your studies to also potentially apply your certificate studies courses towards a Bachelors degree at LEI.

How long does it take to complete the certificate?
That depends on you. While some students complete the certificate in one summer, many students select to complete the program in two traditional semesters (approximately nine months.) However, you may begin the program at the start of any of our three semesters, and schedule classes at the pace that works best for you.