Meet Admissions: Colleen McKeone
Associate Director of Admissions Colleen McKeone enjoys a job that offers the "right mix of people, places, and state-of-the-art use of technology."
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Eric Kniskern
Director of Admissions – Harrisburg Campus

Contact Information:

Worcester, Mass

With Widener Law Since:
1996. Spent 3 years as a Regular Division student before joining the Admissions Office.

Favorite Movie:

Favorite T.V. Shows:
Anything on Animal Planet or the Travel Channel

What Widener Law Has to Offer:
I was admitted to three law schools and chose Widener because it was the smallest and seemed the friendliest. A student gave me my tour and as we walked through campus, everyone knew her by name. That really stayed with me because I wanted to be in a law school community where everyone supported each other. I definitely made the right choice.

What’s Great About Your Job?
As an alumnus of Widener Law, I have the opportunity to give back to my law school in a very special way. I have a direct hand in steering the future of the law school by recommending applicants for admission and I take that responsibility very seriously.

On Common Personal Statement Mistakes:
I think the most common mistake applicants make is that they don’t take the application process seriously enough. You are applying to become part of a profession and your application should be professional – just a concise and well-written essay espousing your attributes and why you believe you should be admitted to Widener Law.

On the Benefits of Attending Law Fairs or Forums:
These are great opportunities to get a personal assessment of what the school has to offer. I recommend that applicants do their research first about schools that interest them so that they do not waste time by asking questions like median LSAT, GPA, or application deadline. Rather, they should ask questions that they couldn’t find answers to on our web site. Also, a law fair or forum is a great place to learn about law schools that maybe you have not heard of or never really thought of as a viable option for you. Your dream school could be just a table away!