Invitations & Tickets;
Degree Clearance & Regalia
2008 Widener Law Harrisburg Commencement

Invitations & Tickets

Each graduate will receive a generic packet of 10 announcements, 10 invitations, and 10 admission tickets. Additional announcements can be purchased from Spencer Graphics by calling (610) 793-2602. We do not have additional admission tickets. The Registraršs Office will handle distribution of any tickets surrendered by graduates.

Distribution of packets will take place at the graduation meeting on April 14, 2008. The Career Development Office will be conducting a NALP survey at the meeting.

Degree Clearance

Pass/fail information for all graduates is due by Friday, May 16, 2008. Actual grades will not be available until the end of June. This is sufficient time to certify graduates for the July bar examination. Decisions regarding honors and awards are made based on grades at the end of the fall semester. As part of the requirements for graduation, each graduate must file a petition to graduate. Also, each graduate must have financial clearance from the Business Office.

Academic Regalia

All degree candidates will process with Widener University School of Law hoods and mortarboards. Academic regalia is provided by the law school. The shipment of academic regalia is scheduled for arrival by the April graduation meeting. You are encouraged to check for the correct size on your cap, gown and hood early. We do not ask you to buy the academic regalia nor do we charge you a rental fee; therefore, all pieces (you may keep the tassel) must be returned immediately following the conclusion of the ceremony. If you leave with the regalia, you will be charged a rental fee; after three days, you will be charged for the cost of the regalia. Tables for cap, gown and hood return will be set up in the back hallway of the Forum.